Open Frame Touch Screen Uses And Benefits

open frame touch screen

Many of us have used an open frame touch screen without realizing it, most likely because we think touch screens are all the same. But if you have used an ATM machine you have already come into contact with an open frame touch screen.

By definition an open frame touch screen monitor has just enough structure to hold the screen and its electronic components together. This is because they are not designed to stand alone, but to be integrated into some unit which will provide the better support and protection. In a way they can be likened to built-in appliances like ovens and stoves which are recessed into kitchen cabinets and structures. Without open frame monitors, manufacturers of such things as ATM machines or industrial control consoles would have to take a normal screen apart, throw out the outer frame and just use the LCD portion.

Just like regular touch screens, open frame ones also use different types of touch technology. At the moment, most open frame touch screens use either projected capacitance (ProCap) or surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch technologies.

These types of screens are used in many types of end products. Some of these are:

Automatic Teller Machines and Interactive Data Input Kiosks in banks which allow the client to type in the details of the transaction he or she wants to make before seeing a cashier. Both machines provide increased levels of convenience for bank staff and clients alike.

Open frame monitors are widely used in producing gaming consoles. With the growing complexity of online computer games, screens of different sizes are incorporated into consoles. Some consoles are large enough to allow multiple players to use them simultaneously.

Small and medium open frame touch screens are used for industrial applications. These are used for controlling industrial machinery such as CNC machines, radial drills and various types of manufacturing machinery. The simplest ones only have basic controls such as turning machines on and off, and uncomplicated routines. Medium to large screens are used to control more complicated industrial processes.

Information and advertising kiosks use larger types of open frame touch screen monitors. You can find these screens providing information at hotel lobbies, hospitals, government buildings, and banks. Advertising and kiosks containing advertisements and product information can be found scattered in high traffic footpaths, in trade exhibits and in showrooms.

Business offices also benefit from open frame touch screens embedded on walls and tables inside conference rooms. These screens give


An open frame monitor provides the LCD monitor and enough supporting structure to hold associated electronics and to minimally support the LCD. Provision will be made for attaching the unit to some external structure for support and protection. Open frame LCD displays are intended to be built in to some other piece of equipment. An arcade video game would be a good example with the display mounted inside the cabinet. There is usually an open frame display inside all end-use displays with the end-use display simply providing an attractive protective enclosure. Some rack mount LCD display manufacturers will purchase desk-top displays, take them apart, and discard the outer plastic parts, keeping the inner open-frame LCD display for inclusion into their product.


The Accuview open frame touchscreen monitors are used in projects in various industries. A public kiosk with a secured thick 6 mm vandal proof glass is a good example. Another example is a touchscreen monitor with a hard wired toggle on/off switch that controls the on/off function of the touch sensor for the cutting machine of a big lumber yard company.

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