Security System Toronto – The Important Features Of A Commercial Security System

security system in greater toronto

The type of security system Toronto business owners need really depends on a lot of factors, although the main one has to be the nature of their business. Establishments which handle small items of high monetary value typically require a more robust security system in greater toronto business owners don’t normally ask for. These high risk establishments include banks, jewelry stores, high end watch stores, and the like.

While the security requirements of each unique business establishment will differ, there are some features of commercial security systems which are truly important. Among these are:

Access Control Systems: When we say access control we mean two very important aspects; physical barriers and control of permissions to access certain areas of a company’s site. Physical barriers consist of walls, doors, windows, and locks all of which must be robust enough to deter unauthorized entry. Control of permissions is achieved through the use of identification cards containing access restriction information.

Access control is normally used to deny access to areas certain employees have no need to be. By the same token access to certain information and areas of a company’s computer network needs to be limited to people who need them in the course of their work. In some companies, like ICC Property Management,  data needs an equal if not greater degree of security than physical assets.

Security Alarms: There used to be a time when alarms simply made a loud noise when intrusion is detected. Modern alarm systems have sensors and motion detectors which include advanced software that prevents false alarms; these systems are usually smart enough not to report intrusions by small birds, rodents and animals. There are other advanced features including dialing pre-programmed numbers during intrusion incidents and working with installed video surveillance and recording equipment.

CCTV Surveillance Systems: Cameras and recording systems are becoming more and more indispensable. Though very small business establishments may not need CCTV surveillance systems, most other business do. These cameras offer protection from theft by people from outside or inside the company. Some companies even add a few dummy video cameras to deter theft, and discourage other forms of mischief.

Recorded footages become valuable especially in situations where a company’s clients try to make false claims in an effort to extort money. These may take the form of claims they have not received merchandise, received defective merchandise, been abused by company staff, or suffered an injury in the business premises.

Monitoring and Verification: There is still no alternative to human monitoring – the most advanced security system software can only do so much. When 24/7 monitoring is in place, intrusion and other untoward incidents can be verified through a control center manned by a security expert. This requires the services of experts from a reputable security company and a monthly fee, but is worth every penny. Police respond faster to verified incident reports as against tripped alarms which may or may not be real intrusions.

Your company may need only some or all of the above features depending upon type of business, location, inherent risk level and hours of operation. You need the assistance of reputable security agencies to help draft an appropriate security plan, and organizations such as the Association of Professional Security Agencies can help.

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